Why Choose Vegan Leather Sandals

Why Choose Vegan Leather Sandals

Going vegan is a bold choice. Whether you're focused on the health benefits of a animal-free diet, you're committed to animal rights or you simply want to reduce your carbon footprint, a vegan lifestyle makes an impact for good.

But what about choosing vegan footwear? Does eschewing leather mean you're stuck with cloth sneakers or less-than-fashionable plastic shoes and sandals?

Not at all! Jerusalem Sandals believes you deserve vegan leather sandals that are just as beautiful, comfortable and durable as our vegetable tanned leather options. So we developed a collection of vegan sandals made with the same commitment to craftsmanship and attention to detail as our leather sandals.

Read on for other reasons you should choose vegan leather sandals:

1. Because you care about the planet

You take reusable cloth bags to the grocery store. You recycle cans and glass bottles. You avoid plastic straws. You do these things because you want to do your part in reducing the stress our daily lives put on the Earth. Choosing footwear made of vegan leather aligns with your values because its production uses fewer resources than traditional leather. Plus, it's often made of sustainable materials, like fruit peels or recycled plastic. It's basically one step above vegetable tanned leather in terms of going easy on the environment.

2. Because faux leather shoes are a good investment

Real leather is one of the most durable materials around. Scientists have discovered well-preserved 5,500-year-old leather shoes among other relics in a cave, which is a testament to its amazing longevity. Vegan leather is designed to mimic that resilience by resisting abrasions, odors and water while maintaining breathability and flexibility. You can expect a lifetime of performance and support from your vegan leather sandals, making them a smart footwear choice.

3. Because vegan leather loves your feet

Vegan leather imitates the best qualities of cowhide. This resilient and flexible material will stretch slightly as it warms to the heat and shape of your feet. With every step you take in your faux leather sandals, they're learning the contours of your unique footprint. Just like leather, if you take a little time to break in your new sandals, you can speed up the process of developing a custom fit. Soft fleece-lined straps and insoles cradle your feet in suede-like resilience while allowing moisture to evaporate for unparalleled comfort.

4. Because vegan leather is low maintenance

Microfiber vegan leather is 100% synthetic, so it won't crack, peel or split over time. You'll likely never have to worry about cleaning your vegan leather sandals, as they'll naturally stay odor free and resist soaking up liquids, like sweat or rainwater. Unlike cleaning leather shoes, faux leather requires no special products. It can be spot cleaned with a bit of cool water and any mild soap. Ink or dye stains can be blotted off with rubbing alcohol, and vegan leather sandals should always be air dried.

5. Because you're more stylish than trendy

Trends come and go, but style is forever. You may have a few fad pieces in your wardrobe, but you pull them together with a range of classic pieces that transcend the runway. Vegan leather sandals from Jerusalem Sandals complement your entire wardrobe, from that timeless trench to the latest athleisure looks. Best of all our designer-inspired women's sandals will look just as au courant next season and for many fashion seasons after that.