8 Benefits of Wearing Leather Shoes

8 Benefits of Wearing Leather Shoes

When it comes to ranking shoe materials, one stands above all else, and that's leather. This durable, natural and beautiful material brings a spectrum of incredible benefits that make it an obvious choice for those looking for an all-around great footwear pick. But don't take it from us, take it from prehistoric wearers who rocked the material themselves. Yes, scientists once discovered a 5,500-year-old shoe crafted from a single piece of laced cowhide leather as testament to its strength and quality.

There are so many reasons why humankind has trusted this material since 3,500 B.C., including the eight below. Check them out to learn why you simply can't go wrong when you choose a pair of high-quality leather shoes from a trusted brand.

  1. Quality: Leather Lasts, Plain and Simple - 5,500 years: need we say more? Leather is impressively long-lasting, and it's not hard to see why. By its very nature, leather is resistant to tearing, splitting, cracking and abrasions, which means it's a smart pick for those who seek to buy for life. Shoe manufacturers haven't yet found a synthetic material that's as tough or long-lasting as leather, so always go genuine.
  2. Comfort: Leather Conforms to Your Feet - In addition to its durability, manufacturers and wearers alike adore leather because while it's tough, it's not stubborn. In fact, leather can be broken in over time, allowing it to conform to your unique foot shape and stride. With wear, leather softens and changes shape, which makes it even more comfortable when wearing for hours at a time. Every pair of new leather sandals will eventually feel custom-made to you without losing beauty or integrity. Find femininely fashionable sandals by Jerusalem Sandals too.
  3. Style: Leather Defies Trends and Fads - As one of the oldest materials in footwear, leather has been used in fashion for thousands of years, and it's not likely to go out of style anytime soon. Because it's so versatile, leather is a top-notch choice for a huge variety of footwear styles and options, from the most rugged winter boots to the most durable summer sandals. It takes well to a range of aesthetic styles, which is why it's employed in everything from the fanciest dress shoes to the most relaxed ladies' slides.
  4. Convenience: Leather is Easy to Clean - Durable and forgiving, leather has the unique ability to endure when exposed to many different substances, including cleaners and water. That means it's relatively easy to spiff up after it gets dingy. Using gentle, leather-safe conditioners and a non-abrasive brush or cloth, you can restore leather to like-new condition relatively quickly. There are special leather-safe products you can use to restore dull leather and get rid of stubborn stains or water damage.

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  1. Earthiness: Leather is a Natural Material - Leather is a by-product of the meat industry that is derived from the hide of livestock, mostly cows. That means it is a natural material that - in its purest form - will not introduce any harmful chemicals or toxins into your home. Be sure you choose leather shoes made form pure, natural ingredients. At Jerusalem Sandals, we use vegetable-based stains and quality, natural leather, so you never have to worry about the natural factor being compromised.
  2. Grace: Leather Ages Gracefully - This is one of those rare materials that actually looks better as it gets older. In fact, some makers of leather goods actually intentionally pre-age their leather to give it a stylish, antiqued aesthetic. On top of that, leather softens over time, which makes it more comfortable and enjoyable with age.
  3. Eco-Friendly: Leather is Conscious - Compared to many chemical-packed synthetic materials, leather is eco-conscious. But you need to make sure you buy from a footwear brand that only uses genuine, natural and chemical-free leather. Unfortunately, some brands treat their leather with harsh and toxic agents that can be damaging to you and the Earth. Another thing to consider is that leather is likely to outlast synthetic materials, which means it won't need to be replaced as often, lessening the need for resources that can strain the planet.
  4. Originality: Hand-Made Leather is Unique - You're one of a kind, so why shouldn't your shoes be, too? When you choose handcrafted leather footwear (like ours, which is made in by artisans in East Jerusalem), you know you're getting a genuine one-of-a-kind pair. Factory-made footwear deprives the material of character, so always go handmade if that's an option.

If you're debating whether to go with leather or another material for your next pair of shoes, you can't go wrong when you stick with leather. The timeless beauty and undeniable durability of this material has made it a top-notch pick for thousands of years, and it still reigns supreme in the world of modern footwear.