Teaching Peace

We chose the name Jerusalem Sandals to promote a message of peace. "Jeru" translates to teaching and "Salem" to peace.

Peace in Hebrew        Peace in Arabic
a craftsman making Jerusalem Sandals

Our Story

Jerusalem Sandals started on the boardwalks of Venice Beach, but today walk the runways of New York City, the metropolitan areas of Japan, the style meccas of Korea to even catching the eyes of fashion capital, Milan. While these beautiful, handcrafted sandals are sought throughout the world, their story begins in a message of peace, where the brand bridged the gap between two conflicted countries; Israel and Palestine. Two Jewish-Arab families on either side with varying backgrounds and views, partnered to revive a style from the past and innovate them for today’s fashion forward culture. Jerusalem Sandals is not only a brand that has ignited the fashion world, but a testament to what people can accomplish when they harmoniously come together.

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Our mission is to promote a message of peace to all corners of the earth...

a craftsman making Jerusalem Sandals

Our Artisans

This unique Israeli and Palestine friendship bloomed from a search to find artisans who still use the traditional hand techniques of the ancient world. 40 miles outside of Tel Aviv lives a 3rd generation Palestinian family, who prides themselves on their handmade craftsmanship and artisanship. They have a long history of leather tanning and use high-quality, flexible materials that only get better with time and wear. Their techniques are from the old-world where each sandal is finished by hand to give you a look and feel unlike mass produced sandals. No two are alike. Their craftsmanship is a testimony to the human spirit, where their arduous process ensures each pair is beyond comfort as well as resilient to walk the test of time.

…while providing economic benefits to skilled Palestinian craftsmen and their families.

The Product

  • Comfort

    Leather insole molds custom to your feet, providing increased comfort the longer you wear them.

  • Lightweight

    Polyurethane soles are incredibly resilient and flexible, ensuring equal distribution of energy during impact.

  • Resilient

    Dual-stitching and water-resistant leather ensures your sandals last as long as you do.

  • Quality

    100% natural leather handmade by skilled artisans, using traditional techniques.

Walk in Peace.