Handcrafted by Artisans. Quality to Walk the Test of Time.

Jerusalem sandals have muscles

Resilient Beyond Belief.

Our high-quality, water-resistant leather can withstand any environment. Dual-stitching ensures your sandals last as long as you do, and grippy soles lets you hike, bike and explore the world confidently in style.

Jerusalem sandals feel like walking on clouds

Comfort without compromise.

Inspired by the sandal making heritage, each sandal is finished by hand and only gets more comfortable with wear. We pride ourselves on using only the finest leather that molds the insoles custom to your feet. Try a pair and you’ll understand why we say these shoes are a second skin.

jerusalem sandals with natural ingredients

Pure, natural ingredients. Always

Some manufacturers cut corners. We choose to take the long road, using only vegetable-based stains and quality leather, finishing each sandal by hand, because the end result is a stronger, more resilient sandal that we can stand for.

Resilient. Comfort. Clean. This is our promise to you.