How Are Leather Sandals Made?

How Are Leather Sandals Made?

True craftsmanship does not come off an assembly line. Whether it's a finely tuned violin, a blown glass lampshade or a pair of strappy sandals, handmade objects enhance our everyday lives with superior quality and astonishing beauty.

Men's and women's leather sandals from Jerusalem Sandals are made by hand to bring that quality and beauty to resilient, stylish footwear that stands the test of time.

Here's the step-by-step process we use at Jerusalem Sandals to design high-quality leather sandals that bridge the gap between high style and custom comfort.

Step One: Learn the History of Jesus Sandals

Leather sandals have been around for thousands of years. Though we can't say for sure exactly what type of sandals Jesus wore, scientists have discovered 5,500-year old leather shoes perfectly preserved among other relics. The founders of Jerusalem Sandals found inspiration in these ancient specimens, and then found similar styles of durable leather sandals being crafted in small shops in the Middle East. Realizing that the comfort and timeless look of so-called gladiator sandals fit modern ideas of superior footwear, they created a company based on a message of peace and harmonious collaboration.

Step Two: Choose the Best Materials

One reason those ancient sandals survived so long in a cave is the incredibly durable and resilient material they were crafted from: leather. There's no synthetic material that can endure as much standing, walking, bicycling and adventuring as 100% vegetable tanned leather. When cowhide is treated with extracts from tree bark, fruit or leaves, it transforms into a hypoallergenic, breathable and abrasion-resistant material that improves in appearance over time. Buckle or lace up sandals made from this leather soften and conform to the wearer's unique footprint with every step, making it the best material for footwear that feels custom.

Step Three: Find Artisans with Uncompromising Standards

The Israeli founders of Jerusalem Sandals didn't think about politics when they looked for craftspeople to make their leather sandals. Because of their open minds, they partnered with a third-generation Palestinian family with a long history of employing ancient techniques to craft high-quality sandals. It's their uncompromising standards of artisanship that led to the arduous process of finishing each sandal by hand for a look and feel you simply cannot find in mass produced footwear. The resilient spirit of this Israeli-Palestinian partnership is mirrored in the resilience of Jerusalem Sandals.

Step Four: Bring Fashion Forward

Jerusalem Sandals have walked the runways of New York City, the sidewalks of fashion capital Milan and the cobblestone streets of Europe. They've biked and hiked and climbed and stood in some of the world's most amazing places. They've even walked through a few boardrooms. By reviving a style from the past and marrying it with fashion forward design concepts, an entire wardrobe of options was born, from men's closed toe sandals to women's strappy sandals to buckle sandals for everyone.

Step Five: Finish Strong and Clean

Each Jerusalem Sandal is finished by hand with dual stitching that ensures your footwear has the resilience of a saint. With minimal care and cleaning, you can count on your gladiator sandals, buckle slides or toe ring sandals to cradle your feet in custom comfort for years. The longer you wear them, the genuine leather becomes softer and molds to the contours of your foot. Whether you pair them with jeans, linen suits, summer dresses or wild adventures, handmade Jerusalem Sandals are made to go the distance in style.