Are My Leather Sandals Waterproof?

Are My Leather Sandals Waterproof?

Jerusalem Sandals bring handcrafted quality and international style to your footwear wardrobe. But are your leather sandals waterproof? And what, exactly, does it mean for footwear to be waterproof? Is it the same as water-resistant? Do you need to take special care of your leather buckle sandals?

We want you to love your Jerusalem Sandals footwear for a lifetime, so we asked our leather experts all your questions about the care and performance of our hand-stitched footwear. From choosing the right pair of leather sandals for you to knowing how to clean them, we've got you covered.

Read on to learn more about what goes into Jerusalem Sandals - and how they support all your adventures!

What is Vegetable Tanned Leather?

All Jerusalem Sandals are handcrafted using time-tested techniques from the ancient world. One of the processes that we use has literally been around for centuries: vegetable tanning our leather. All raw animal hide must be treated before it can be used to craft jackets, leather bags or footwear.

The vegetable tanning process takes about six weeks. Extracts from tree bark, fruit or leaves are applied to rawhide, which slowly transforms into a durable, breathable, water-resistant and hypoallergenic material with good pliability and a rich, woody scent.

Many modern manufacturers opt for chrome tanning their leather. This process goes much quicker than vegetable tanning because it uses a chemical called chromium to condition and treat the raw leather. Chromium is a carcinogen that can harm the people who work with it, and it pollutes the waterways and other environments it is often dumped into.

Waterproof vs. Water Resistant: What's the Difference?

The vegetable tanned leather we use to craft Jerusalem Sandals is water resistant. What does that mean? Our leather sandals will resist water penetration to a degree but not entirely. Materials like vinyl, plastic or fabric that's been treated with a sealant are waterproof - which means water cannot permeate through them. It also means air and sweat cannot move or evaporate through them, making waterproof materials hotter, less flexible and more prone to develop odors over time.

The major benefit of water-resistant vegetable tanned leather is that it will soften over time and mold to the unique contours of your footprint as you wear them. Over its long lifetime, this hearty material will also develop a rich patina that only adds to its beauty.

Scientists have unearthed leather shoes that are more than 5,000 years old, which is a testament to how vegetable tanning yields footwear made to last for the long haul.

How Are Jerusalem Sandals Made?

Every pair of Jerusalem Sandals are crafted by artisans who use time-tested techniques from the ancient world. Each leather sandal is finished by hand for a unique look and feel you simply will not find among mass-produced footwear. By choosing the best natural materials, adhering to uncompromising standards and marrying classic styles with fashion-forward designs, we deliver high-quality men's and women's sandals that walk the walk of resilience and performance. From our women's strappy sandals to men's toe loop sandals, Jerusalem Sandals are made to stand up to all your adventures.

Should You Clean Your Leather Sandals?

Once you break in your Jerusalem Sandals, they'll get softer and more comfortable with every step you take. In general, your sandals need very little care. The natural hypoallergenic and antibacterial qualities of vegetable tanned leather will resist odors by allowing perspiration to evaporate and air to circulate.

Store your leather toe loop sandals in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight, and do not stack other items on top of them. Clean your leather sandals periodically with a soft-bristle brush and gentle, leather-safe soap or conditioner. Never use petroleum products or furniture cleansers on them, and don't let them soak in water for long periods. Most importantly, wear your sandals as much as possible! The textured grip polyurethane outsoles are designed to keep you steady on sidewalks, boardwalks, catwalks, cobblestones, sandy beaches, dirty trails and almost any surface you venture onto.

How Do You Find Your Perfect Fit?

It's easy to find your perfect fit among the wide selection of Jerusalem Sandals. Choose double buckle sandals to adjust a custom fit, gladiator sandals for lace-up drama or structured men's toe loop sandals for a professional business casual look. Whether you want the barely-there feel of flip flop toe loop sandals or the secure fashion statement of women's strappy sandals, we've got your sandal soul mate just waiting to expand your footwear wardrobe. Check out our size guide, then step confidently into adventure with Jerusalem Sandals cradling your feet in handcrafted comfort.