Choosing the Right Pair of Leather Sandals for You

Choosing the Right Pair of Leather Sandals for You

Choosing the right sandals can be daunting. The leather pros at Jerusalem Sandals use traditional techniques from the ancient world to craft sturdy, stylish leather sandals that feel custom-made and have the resilience to look fabulous for years.

Follow our tips for finding your perfect fit among our simple, strappy, toe loop and buckle style options. Your leather sandal soulmate is waiting!

Strappy vs. Simple: A Tale of Two Styles

Start with your style preference. Are you looking for the barely-there feeling of leather flip-flops, or do you prefer the visual interest of strappy sandals? Keep in mind that simple does not mean boring when your sandals are handcrafted from 100% vegetable tanned leather that softens and conforms to your unique footprint with every step. And whether they're men's or women's, strappy sandals can feature understated style. Both options offer lightweight comfort in a resilient choice of footwear.

Toe Ring Sandals: A Lesson in Loops

If you like the open look of flip-flops but would like a more secure fit, toe ring sandals are for you. In this style, a loop of leather surrounds your big toe, rather than two leather thongs separating the big toe from the second toe. This construction lends itself to a feeling of security without the discomfort some wearers report in flip-flops. Find men's and women's toe ring sandals with ankle straps, a strappy sandal design or sophisticated details, including Jesus sandal styles that have stood the test of time.

Buckle Sandals: Best Bets for a Better Fit

Find your perfect fit in leather sandals with adjustable buckles. Choose single- or double-buckle sandals that adjust at the instep and the toes to accommodate a high arch or bunions. Go for ankle strap sandals with buckles for a feeling of security when riding a bike, climbing stairs or running to catch a train. Buckle sandals come in a variety of styles, from strappy selections to sleek leather toe loop sandals, so you can have secure feet that look good, too.

Walking in History: Gladiator Sandals for Women and Men

One of the benefits of wearing leather sandals is their durability. Leather shoes have been around for 5,500 years, so you can expect yours to last your entire lifetime. Lace-up gladiator sandals for men and women have remained fashionable almost as long, reemerging on runways every generation or so. Take a step through history in women's or men's gladiator sandals with the daring look of those brave arena masters. You'll feel your inner warrior stir when you tie these bold lace-up sandals around your ankles.

Closed Toes and Open Minds

Few sandals can cross over into business casual wear like closed toe leather sandals. Offering the protection of a regular shoe coupled with the air circulation and freedom of sandals, this type of footwear stretches all the boundaries. Choose closed toe sandals for women and men on the go who need the certainty of a secure step. Keep your closed toe leather sandals clean as they mold to your foot, and they'll see you through many years' worth of casual Fridays, business barbecues and work trips to tropical locales.