Why Choose Jerusalem Sandals

Why Choose Jerusalem Sandals

Just a quick internet search for "shoes" or "sandals" is guaranteed to overwhelm you with thousands upon thousands of results. It's no secret that the footwear industry is fiercely competitive. We recognize this competitiveness, which makes us feel honored that you've taken the time to stop by Jerusalem Sandals to learn a little bit more about us. Read on to learn what makes us unique, our difference and our commitment to old-world quality, design and handcrafted style.


The Shoe

Jerusalem Sandals began its journey over a decade ago. Classic, high-quality leather sandals inspired by Biblical era styles are the highlights of our sandal collections. Each sandal that you will explore on the Jerusalem Sandals website is handcrafted with pride with tried and trusted Old World techniques that go back generations. Leather insoles mold to your feet and the water-resistant 100% leather softens over time, eventually fitting like a second skin.

Each sandal features dual stitching for durability, grippy soles for security and unmatched craftsmanship for high-quality looks. Jerusalem Sandals are also available not only in the traditional neutral tan, black and brown leathers, we also offer a range of vibrant colors that will make your footwear pop. Pick from cherry reds, greens, vivid yellows, vivacious violets and bright blueberry-colored hues. Unlike many other companies, however, our colors are achieved through the use of vegetable-based stains. This longer, yet highly rewarding process results in beautiful, all-natural colors.

The Styles

Many of our designs have been a footwear must-have for millennia; we're just reintroducing them to the world. These simple-yet-versatile footwear essentials speak loudly in their simplicity and clean lines. Because each sandal is handcrafted, you'll receive an entirely exclusive product every time you buy - no two sandals are exactly the same. From the easy-on, easy-off slides and flip flops to strappy styles and statement-making wrapped sandals, our footwear options are anything but ordinary.

Many of our sandals, such as The Good Shepherd, Elan and Aviv are unisex, so both women and men can enjoy these equally. These throw-on-and-go sandals are a classic and comfortable addition to your summertime clothing styles and are a great option at the beach, for travel or for everyday errands. Dress our sandals up or dress them down - the beautiful, sophisticated and classic lines of Jerusalem Sandals will travel with you beautiful thanks to their lightweight construction and their space-saving designs. Our shoes transition from day to evening looks in an instant. Pair with casual work clothes, sundresses, bathing suits and more - the options are endless when you choose Jerusalem Sandals! Check out men's new arrivals, women's new arrivals as well as women's bestsellers and men's bestselling styles.


The Difference

Although our quality, our craftsmanship and our dedication to preserving the techniques and the styles of past generations is a fundamental component of Jerusalem Sandals, this dedication would not mean much if we didn't leave our world in a better place. Along with our high-quality products, our mission is to promote peace - particularly in a part of the world that has unfortunately experienced tremendous unrest. Jerusalem Sandals shows that individuals from diversely different backgrounds and differing views can work together in peace. If shoes could build a bridge, Jerusalem Sandals would be a foundational piece of its construction.

Our footwear is designed and manufactured through a unique Israeli and Palestinian friendship. In fact, we are the only American shoe brand that is made in Palestine. We believe that the popularity and interest in our shoes not only thrive because of our classic styles, we believe that the world is ready for a positive change in favor of companies that take a holistic view of their products - as well as their societal impact.

Thank you for stopping by to learn a little bit more about Jerusalem Sandals. Shop our men's and women's sandals, and walk in peace.