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Vegetable Tanning

Vegetable tanning is a traditional craft process that tanneries have handed down from father to son for over 200 years, using both ancient recipes and state-of-the-art technology. W

Among the various tanning methods, the vegetable tanning is the most classical, the most traditional, the most recognizable and the only one able to give leather unique characteristics.
It is the most natural and the most environmental-friendly.


Advantages of vegetable tanning

  • Vegetable tanning is environmentally friendly; meaning any leather products that have been vegetable tanned can be recycled
  • Vegetable tanning is an age old tradition, so most tanneries have very skilled craftsmen producing and dyeing the leather
  • Due to the natural tannins used, vegetable tanned products are unique and have their own life, they are not the same for their entire life, but they change, continuously, for the better
  • The colours that vegetable tanning produces are rich and warm tones that look completely natural
  • Vegetable tanned leathers are more valuable and thus sold at a higher average price compared to chrome tanned leathers